Retro Cubicle Warfare: The Miniature Trebuchet


Desktop Trebuchet KitBefore USB-powered missile launchers, cubicle-to-cubicle warfare was fought the old-fashioned way – with honor and tiny, wooden trebuchets. Bring back the glory from days of yore and one of warfare’s greatest designs with this Working Wood Trebuchet DIY kit from ThinkGeek.

Measuring an impressive 18″ x 11″ x 13″, this isn’t a seige weapon for the meek-hearted. Once properly assembled, it can shoot a small clay ball (or doughnut hole, whatever) an impressive 25-feet. No longer confined to doing battle with your “team members,” you can now set your sights on the defenseless desks over in Marketing.

The trebuchet kit includes all the necessary parts to assemble (including some soft clay for target practice) and takes about 2 hours to build (finish it at your next status meeting!). It retails on the site for $34.95. There’s also a catapult available for $19.99, you know, if you’re a wussy.

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  1. Geek Gadget

    I had a USB-powered missile launcher a while back. I’m defiantly going to buy this.


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