Phiro LEGO Compatible Robots Teach Programming

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Phiro is the smart LEGO®-compatible robot that teaches kids problem solving through the effective means of robotics and coding.


Or you can forget the young; I want one for myself!

The Phiro platform allows for children to start to code and to see the direct effects in the cute robots that they customize and in the bot’s actions.

How adept are these little Phiros?

The kids can learn to code without a computer, as the Phiro Unplugged busily bulldozes the heaps of LEGO’s into a neat pile for cleaning.

And they are made after years of research at STEM facilities so that the programming codes are actually fun to work with.

The Phiro Unplugged is made for children ages 4-8, and the SWISH card and Sequential Keys make it an effective robotic tool to get sequential programming and binary coding across to our youngsters at a very early developmental stage.

But then there is the Phiro Pro, which I want (I hope my wife is reading this).

For those aged 9-18, or early 30’s in my case, the Phiro Pro comes with an array of carefully constructed free, open sourced software and hardware capabilities so that controlling and customizing the bot via Bluetooth, WiFi, a computer, tablet, or smartphone is very intuitive.


What are her specs?

Phiro Pro sports Scratch 2.0 (MIT, USA), Snap4Arduino (UC Berkeley/Citilab, Spain), and Pocket Code mobile apps (Catrobat project headquartered at Graz University of Technology, Austria)

A tea party

There are five ways to control and code Phiro, including the reputed Arduino (for the Pro), and the smartphone mount and LEGO compatibility makes decking out your scorpion or zippy little bulldozer very easy for taking complete control of the living room.


The goal from the brother and sister founders of Robotix USA, the Prasad’s, is to let the fun Phiro bot get computational thinking started in the next generation.

And with that skillset to bring many underprivileged children and many young women into the fields of robotics and programming, or they can use their problem solving skills in any field.


The Phiro bot made its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 in mere days and is donating robots to an All Girl’s Orphanage to help bridge the gender gap for girls in STEM.

Backers can also pledge their own robots to the orphanage.

The Phiro is truly an amazing teaching tool and a toy besides!

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