Phantom Keystroker

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phantom keystrokerThe new Phantom Keystroker from ThinkGeek is the latest and greatest advancement in office prank warfare which is guaranteed to drive your unsuspecting coworkers crazy. All you have to do is simply plug in the tiny little circuit board and sit back while it sporadically makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbage text and phrases.

The beauty of the Phantom Keystroker is that it needs no additional software or drivers and it runs on any operating system which means you can be in and out of your target cube in seconds. The stealth like gadget is also equipped with a simple jumper setting that allows you to choose between either keyboard garbage typing, annoying mouse movements or both. You can also turn up the torture level by setting a longer event duration which will have your unsuspecting mark thinking they are losing their minds.

It might be a little late for the perfect April fools prank but, those are way too predictable anyway. For just under 25 bucks you can pick one up today for a boring rainy Spring day.

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