Panda Earphones Pack Great Sounding Bite

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Pineapple’s Panda Earphones are compact, affordable, adorable, look bad-ass, and sound amazing. They are the ultimate gift for any occasion.

Any questions? No? Well, let’s growl like a bear woken from hibernation and elaborate anyway.

Any child, girlfriend, or heck even boyfriend that is an animal lover will absolutely become ecstatic when receiving the Panda ear buds. And once they put them in, they might attempt a backflip in glee from the awesome tunes that dance out of the bears’ ears.

The Panda earphones do all of the right things, as least as far as ear buds are concerned. They come with multiple inner pieces to fit all ear sizes, and they hold up to the test of time and movement.

These bad boys or girls from Pineapple feature sound isolation with clear Mega Bass. The Panda ear buds cut out outside noise pretty well, and they are amazing in their balance of both smooth high pitch sound and a deep discernible bass (what Pineapple calls the Mega Bass).

And the Pineapple Panda Earphones are only fifteen bucks on (and about twenty everywhere else)! The crisp sound quality for the hands down phenomenal price alone is worth the cost. But these cuties are also a dead-on representation of the endangered panda bear too.

Users can attest to their clarity, with high-end and low-end sound, and there is no annoying interference while jogging or walking. Some buds are cheaply made and their in-ear design allows for jostling that causes popping sounds, but that is not the case for these Panda bear ear buds.

Happy gifting, and happy bearific listening!

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