New iPod Shuffle

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Can you believe how small this thing is? When I first saw it I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, then I saw the new shuffle up against the Nano and I was floored.

I bought a Mini, then I got a Nano, and as sick as it sounds, I think I need the new iPod Shuffle. I do a bit of skiing and I think this thing would be just perfect. The Nano was small enough, but I worried about having a piece of Apply goodness sticking into my ribs. This new Shuffle is so small that I see no such worries in the future.

The new Apple iPod Shuffle has 1GB of flash memory jammed into this half ounce case. That means 240 of your favorite songs playing for a solid 12 hours between recharges. For a measly $79 this is another great inexpensive gift for the holiday season.

Sweet docking cradle so you don’t lose it!

1/3 the size of a Nano?

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