Modern Audio Meets Vintage Luggage


What happens when you’re a designer and self proclaimed audio-nut with a fascination for vintage suitcases? The BoomCase.

These head-turning self powered portable stereo systems come to life by simply plugging in any audio device featuring a standard headphone output, or connecting with the optional Bluetooth, and pressing play.

Each unique case features a rechargeable battery pack capable of cranking out 10+ hours of mobile beats as well as a plug in option that will bring a dead box back to life in about 4-5 hours. What’s more, the cases also feature USB and standard electrical plugs to power your portable devices or a laptop while you’re on the go.

The prices for the one-off creations typically range from $600 for the small single woofer setups to $1500 for the larger and sometimes rare Samson Trunks like the one featured above.

Options such as additional batteries, external controls, Bluetooth, and even solar panel chargers can be added for a relatively small fee.

If you have the perfect piece of luggage laying around, BoomCase does take custom orders and something tells me, if you have the money they would jam speakers into anything you’d like just to see if they could do it. Each custom work of art is painstakingly crafted by three guys out of a very tiny factory in California so, expect 3 to 6 weeks for any custom order.

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2 Responses to “Modern Audio Meets Vintage Luggage”

  1. What about a DIY kit? I wonder what kind of battery packs they use to power woofers that big?

  2. Thats BS for those prices. I can make those for half or even 75 percent less.


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