Mobile DJ MP3 Mixer

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Some gadgets are more perfect than others, but this one? This one’s a godsend for anyone (not naming names) who loves to get their DJ on anywhere, anytime… but especially at 4am after the bars have closed and all of your friends just absolutely “have to hear this one song”… and then another, and another… A decade ago this meant powering up the Numark mixer and riffling through stacks of vinyl, but we’ve all gone digital now and, for better or worse, most personal music collections are now neatly filed away in computer folders and iTunes playlists, making mixing and music listening a less hands-on experience. Unless, of course, you’ve got a mixer that lets you wirelessly control all of your tunes.

So meet Hercules’ new Mobile DJ MP3 mixer, the first wireless DJ mixing mini-controller for your PC (Microsoft Windows required, sorry Mac-ers). Now you can mix, fade, loop, distort, scratch and synchronize your MP3 and WMA audio files (software included) from an ultra-compact controller with an integrated double LCD screen that displays the tracks you’re queuing up –it even includes the beats per minute. The unit also lets you record your sessions for later playback/download, but for immediate gratification the tunes are beamed back for listening via a USB radio receiver. Got an audiophile on your list? The DJ MP3 Mixer is a surefire winner at $76.95 from Computers4SURE.

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