Mammuth Rewarron is a Huge Remote Control Car for the Big Kid at Heart

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What happens when little boys who love their toys grow up? They buy a 6 foot long, 170lb, 350cc four stroke, 1:3 scale remote control truck.


No, that is not a typo, the guys at Mammuth Works have essentially created a race ready quad, added some servos and, terrifyingly, removed the driver.

I am obviously oversimplifying this custom fabricated beast for the sake of comparison because, well… it’s hard to imagine just how big a 1:3 scale R/C car is – it’s not exactly something you can pick up at your local hobby shop.

The vehicle isn’t just massive either, it’s also packed with technology including ABS, traction control, and two-sided telemetry — because the last thing you want is a 170lbs wrecking ball getting away from you at 45mph.

The Rewarron is still in its prototype stage but they are taking preorders for their 200cc air cooled, 250cc water cooled, and 350cc competition ready trucks at prices ranging from $5,500 for the base model, all the way up to $15,000 – you have to pay to play.

The only problem now is… you’re going to need a bigger backyard.

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