LP to MP3: The Turntable With a Tech Twist

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While kids are quite happy to stream, download and pirate music these days, a handful of vinyl veterans are clutching their black circles and sticking their noses in the air.

It’s all part of it: feeling the vinyl, stroking the cover art, dropping the needle and declaring, “They don’t make ‘em like this anymore,” as the speakers crack to life half-way through a track.

But if those analogue purists ever do feel like stepping over to the digital side, the iLP Turntable might make the cheeky transition a little easier.

With a built-in dock for an iPad or iPhone, this sleek record player can actually convert your dusty old vinyl discs directly to your shiny new Apple device.

There’s no need for a jungle of wires or a complex computer set-up, just tap the EZ converter app (included), plug in your device, set the table spinning and record while you listen. Oh, and don’t worry about separating the tracks, the software will sort that for you.

Obviously the iLP Turntable works as a normal record player as well, with standard RCA outputs that can be hooked up to your speakers. With a piano black finish, it’s a good looking bit of kit too.

If you’re just looking for MP3 back-ups of your Duran Duran albums (and all the peace of mind that comes with that), you can also store straight to your computer using the software provided.

Creators ION Audio, have made an iPod compatible version as well. In fact they’ve got a whole range of products that look to “bridge the gap between the classic and the cutting-edge.” What ever the outdated format – cassettes, VHS tapes, film negatives, CDs, prints and slides – they’ve a whole family of converters ready to punt you into the digital age.

Can you put a price on digital kids and analogue anoraks coming together as one? Apparently, yes. The iLP Turntable could set you back somewhere between $120 and $180 depending on where you shop.

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