Load Sites 4X times FASTER and Stop Being TRACKED Online with Do Not Track Plus

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We are watching you! Stop Google, Facebook, and every other servant to advertisers from collecting your personal information now!

The cameras are on, the eyes in the painting move to follow us as we traipse about the bedroom, and even our search – for which movie won’t tank on Rotten Tomatoes – is being recorded.

Then it is being scrutinized and put into information banks by browsers, search engines, social media sites, and anyone else that has advertising ads online.

Does this sound like science fiction, or a 1984 time descended upon us upon us in the twenty-first century?

This is the state of many countries around the world, including the US, where there are no laws protecting Internet users from surrendering personal information.

Tracking companies thrive on policies, like the new Google privacy policy that kicks in by March 2012, that allow all information about an Internet user, including personal information, like when you visit the bank’s site to check a shrinking balance, to be meticulously collected and sent out to advertisers.

Ever notice how the ads showing up on your Facebook page are all things that you use or at least look up online?

It took Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) to tear down the personalized billboards on my computer screen and make my all too frequent bouncing back and forth from every social media site imaginable smoother, quicker, and much more pleasant.

The social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, browsers, and search engines all note each keystroke that users make, and there are not many laws or protection from this kind of heinous act (which is pretty frightening, folks).

Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) is the solution for any country’s lack of Internet law (and it is the wild wild west out here in the US for now).

DNT+ is a free add-on product from Abine, and is a highly reputable and functional service that has been reviewed by CNet and ZDNet and that, by default, blocks all tracking!  Customize the setting s if you want to, but I like seeing the number of all my blocked trackers increasing each day.

This miracle helps you restore your online privacy and regain control over who sees what you are doing online, stop annoying pop up ads and other targeted advertising, and load certain websites up to 4 times faster.

DNT+ is available for all of the big web browsers, but not for mobile devices . . . yet. Abine promises to keep DNT+ free forever too, by offering premium programs too, such as DeleteMe service that removes our customers’ personal information from public websites, which they hope 1-2 percent of their DNT+ users will purchase at some point.

Once the small download is done and this bad boy is installed on your toolbar, you can watch as sites are blocked from tracking you at each web site and see which ones are grasping at your coattails for your info.

Do Not Track Plus is an amazing program that I can personally attest to making my browsing experience much faster. Enjoy!

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