Life After Death Entertainment: The CataCombo Plays Music When You’re Dead

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How’d you like to listen to some Daft Punk or Madonna while your dead?


Now for the recently deceased audiophile, a Swedish company called Pause Custom Sound Systems presents the CataCombo, a music pumping customized coffin to turn your afterlife into the ultimate after party.

The CataCombo is the brainchild of Pause CEO Fredrik Hjelmqvist, who is so completely obsessed with music that one of his previous products was The Human Jukebox, which was literally a small audio player that you can swallow to play music inside your own body. This time he’s taken his obsession to whole new level of insane.

This underground music box has three parts – not including the dead guy or gal part. First, is the CataPlay music application which is powered by Spotify network so you can set up playlists; you can make it private or invite friends and family. Never liked Seal’s song “Kissed By a Rose On A Grave?” – too bad. Then you’ve got the CataTomb, which is an upgradeable music server with 4G-connection, a 2.5 GHz Intel core processor and a 7-inch LCD display that all fits neatly into the headstone; this is where I assume the battery or power source will be, because it’s connected to the coffin below which is where all the real magic happens. And lastly, the customized coffin fitted with a pair of 2-way speakers, tweeters with external cooling and an 8-inch subwoofer – “fine-tuned to the coffin’s unique interior acoustic space.” It’s a dead man’s party indeed.

You can purchase the CataCombo for about 199,000 Swedish Krona – which will come to about 30,000 American dollars – at the Pause Store in Stockholm, Sweden. And the best part about an after life after party: no lines.

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  1. Road Warrior

    What if I piss someone off and they make me listen to Britney Spears for all of eternity?

    I’d rather throw this in my mancave and enjoy it while I’m alive.


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