Join Keyboard Nerdom with Breaking Bad, Iron Man Keycaps

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Smash your keyboard on the desk a few times and let the old keys clatter lifelessly to the ground, because the metal Iron Man and the Breaking Bad keycaps will need empty slots to upgrade a traditional typing tool to the key to the city of Nerdom!


DO NOT ATTEMPT THE SMASHING (you are not the Hulk).

Geekkeys specialize in beautifully brushed aluminum key covers and replacement keys to deck out the word shaping inventions into something infinitely more Infinity War-like (with the Avengers key in particular).

Want your own Civil War between Iron Man, Captain America, and Heisenberg, himself?


Simply pick a color for the zinc alloy Iron Man suit to grace your “R4” key – the choices are set up in gold, silver, matte silver (like War Machine), copper and matte copper to serve your moods like Tony Stark does with many expensive models of the same thing – then place the Captain America shield keycap alongside at “R5” to do battle, while the Breaking Bad anti-hero bides his time just below at the “5” key!

These sturdy upgrades are sure to hold up to massive pounding styles of typing and they should at $25 a piece and up.


Sport a Pokemon orb and let it burst open to a Pikachu key just across the span of the spacebar.

If you want to go old school gamer, replace the drab backspace bar with an NES controller.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Darth Vader, and even Tony Stark’s arc reactor are additions ready to build upon and make your nerdy keyboard the mack-daddy of pop culture-infused typing implements.

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