iPAL (Portable Audio Laboratory)

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Sure, iPod toys are a dime a dozen these days, but sometimes they’re so obviously practical that it just makes sense to ante up and get another accessory. Like the iPAL, a lovely white and chrome complement to your iPod that’s able to expand your audio on the go without any need for a power converter or annoying headphones. The standard aux input connects to your iPod (or any other music device with an earphone jack) and provides ultra-precise 5.1 ratio sound with easy tuning, plus it comes with an AM/FM tuner and internal AM antenna with Automatic Frequency Control to lock on to the center of the station for the best reception. iPAL is also compatible with the iTrip Transmitter if you’re already flush with iPod goodies. The kit includes an environmentally-friendly NIMH battery, AC adapter, and stereo mini-cable and is available from Zinc Details for $199.99.

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