I’m Watch: Wristwear That’s Smart and Sexy


If you don’t know about the Italian company simply called I’m, you should. I’m has the unique distinction amongst most tech gadgets, because of its mixing of fine Italian aesthetic design sensibilities with original and innovative ideas. In 2012 they released the I’m Watch, the world’s very first smart watch with an intuitive touch, drag, swipe or pinch interface that links up right with your smartphone. And the best part is, it looks gorgeous on your wrist.

I’m Watch is easily one of the coolest gadgets to hit the market in a long while, because it has everything a gadget should have: it can do a lot and it looks good. The I’m Watch utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to iPhone and Android- based smartphones to deliver calls, text messages, e-mails, notifications, music, agenda, weather forecasts, pictures and other apps directly to your wrist. It is also ergonomically designed and features an extra-high resolution and curved HD touchscreen that lets you view and interact with this extremely versatile watch.

This week, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, the world’s most important event dedicated to technology, electronics, design and innovation, you’ll get a chance to see the presentation of the new version of I’m Watch. The new version will include smart tethering which will increase the battery life to two days and the I’m Cloud service that allows you to manage data and smart watch apps through your smartphone. The new version will also include I’mages, which will allow you to display photos taken from your smartphone to display directly on your I’m Watch and I’market for access to hundreds of apps for leisure, office, and music.

The saying, “Italians Do It Better,” might stand true because the I’m Watch casts a wide net of aesthetic options perfect for everyone’s tastes. These include the “Color Collection” with simple coats like pink, blue, black and more and the “Tech Collection” for something a little techier with Tech Titanium and I’m Tech Carbonium and the all new Tech Magnesium and Tech Titanium Special Blue Edition in electric blue. If you want something a little more fancy, they’ve got you covered with the “Jewel Collection,” which includes the luxurious pink and white gold with diamonds for the I’m Yellow Gold, I’m Pink Gold, and I’m White Gold & Diamond lines.

I’ll take one in a simple black please! The I’m Watch is the kind of gadget that comes along with makes people turn their heads with its amazing array versatile capabilities. Visit the I’m Watch website to learn more about the amazing smart watch. What do you think about I’m Watch — passing fad or useful tech?

This is a Sponsored Post but, that doesn’t mean I love I’m Watch any less. You can’t buy my integrity for a few bucks or a watch — 5 watches? I’ll say just about anything you want!

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3 Responses to “I’m Watch: Wristwear That’s Smart and Sexy”

  1. wayne baldwin

    Well they must have gave you 5 watches cause I have one and SMS does not work with android phones they told me in two months the should have it working however the iPhone 5 works. Now what type of sense does this make an android base os watch that doesn’t completely works with another android os. Most android is don’t have Bluetooth (MAP) and the iPhone does have that in the Bluetooth profile. Come on I’m watch get it together fast. Calling and receiving call feature is useless and without text SMS what is the purpose of this watch. Fix ASAP.

    • I wish they did! At least its nice to know that they are working on the issue.

  2. It’s definitely the best looking smart watch I’ve seen yet but I’m still not sold on how useful something like this. It’s not like I wish I had a better way to interact with my iPhone.


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