iGeek External Battery Pack Charges Two USB Smart Devices

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Charge two USB powered devices simultaneously with the amazing iGeek Portable Battery Pack for less than seventy dollars!

We’ve all been there: the last connecting flight has another five hours left before the flier can leave their state of suspended animation, and the battery on the smartphone dies. Ouch!

Not only will a string of uttered curses not achieve anything beyond an Alec Baldwin-like ejection from the airline of your choice, but it is entirely unnecessary thanks to the geniuses over at iGeek.

Merely plug the iPhone into the Pack and watch it fire back up, like a newly deceased corpse turned zombie in a Romero film.

The cruise’s exotic locales might not have electric plugs at every stop, but the pocket-sized Pack is only as big as a small modem and can energize an iPod Touch for up to fifty hours of music blasting.

The iGeek Battery Pack deserves a round of applause. This intriguing device contains a lithium ion battery (with 9900 maH capacity at 5v output voltage) that is not only badass in and of itself, but even more impressive is that the Pack does not discriminate between which devices it will charge.

The iGeek Battery Pack charges nearly anything with a USB port, and that includes iPads, Droids, Nooks, iPods, Blackberries, and even portable gaming systems like the Nintendo DS.

An iPad 2 might be heavy on the battery, what with the gorgeous screen’s depiction of Shaun of the Dead cricket bat swinging, but worry not; the iGeek Battery Pack offers seventeen additional hours!

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