Hands On: Shock, Dust & Water Proof BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

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In short, the BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth speaker ROCKS!


Being sent a BOOM Swimmer unit to review, Gadizmo put this little guy through every rigorous test known to humankind outside of climbing in a trash compactor (do not try that at home, kids).

The speaker went through a boot camp if you will. Here is what we found:

First and foremost, the sound quality is pristine. Period.

Holding the button on the rubbery outside casing activates the Bluetooth connection; smartphones and computers immediately pick up on it, so clicking activates the BOOM as the speaker of use.


No matter the device, the connection is clear and the audio excellent.

Next, the biggest question anyone with an audio complex will ask is: how LOUD is the volume?

Well folks, the volume coming out of this little speaker is worthy of the word BOOM, because despite being a single speaker of about three inches in length and surrounded by water, dust, and shock proofing it gets surprisingly loud.

Will the Swimmer speaker fill a concert hall with the heavy Foo Fighters riffs you know and love? No. But what quality sounding speaker that fits in the palm of the hand will?

iTunes syncs and spits out the tunes with the touch of the play button. Max out the iTunes volume to increase the maximum speaker volume of the BOOM, which you can control via the outside of the Swimmer’s casing with touch controls.

The BOOM Swimmer comes equipped with a micro-USB to USB cable to charge and two attachments, a suction cup and a flexible tail.

The only detriment I could find to the BOOM Swimmer is that its grippy and rubbery encasement can and will attract cat hair if you have one of the felines within a fifty mile radius.

That aside, the suction cup is remarkably effective: it will stick to the side of a wooden desk drawer and hold on for a full minute of opening and slamming the drawer before releasing (it holds more firmly to glass or metal surfaces, as you can imagine).

The BOOM’s tail is even more amazing.


Screw on the pigtail accessory and this little powerhouse can grasp hold of nearly anything.

The flexible tail holds whatever shape you need and no amount of cat hair raining from skateboarding kittens named Khaleesi will interfere.

Picture the colleague who needs the fear of god put into them, and then carefully attach a synced BOOM Swimmer to their satchel before they leave the office arena for lunch. As they stalk away into the rain, play the loudest thing you can find, maybe Black Sabbath “I AM IRONMAN,” and watch as they leap ten feet in the air.

Dropping the Swimmer or dousing it in water does not phase the speaker.

And for just sixty bucks there is finally something that can withstand mountain biking on a steep pine littered trail and take the bumps, jostling, and hits into trees (or the ground) while sending encouraging music through the air.

Ear buds be damned!

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