Geek Time: Death Star Planetarium for Earth & Endor

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How has any self respecting geeky kid (or adult for that matter) ever lived without the Death Star Planetarium?


Frankly fans of stars, astronomers and Lucasfilm vets alike, will find it hard not to splurge thirty dollars US, for a cooler than cool looking globe cast as a model of George Lucas’s Death Star to grace their desk, coffee table, or work station.

But then the nerdgasm takes you . . .

The Death Star Planetarium not only features a gorgeously reenacted model of the universe’s most apt technological terror, but the globe splits in two and projects to make a planetarium out of surrounding walls or ceilings.

Obi-wan said, “That’s no moon, it’s a space station.” But what he did not tell you is that the Death Star Planetarium actually projects the Star Wars galaxy through the clear orb within.

If you did not know how to get to Coruscant before, there’s no excuse now, Chewbacca!


The Death Star Planetarium also includes a black shell to place over top of the projector orb so that you can star gaze earth’s view of the galaxies as well and even compare the fictional with the non-fictional (and which one do you consider real, I wonder).

If I had this as a ten-year-old kid, I would surely have grown up to be either an astronomer, or an astronaut. And as it is, I am having trouble not making a career change to follow the path amongst the stars that this little globe sets forth (I just do not know how my fiancé will react to this news).

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