Geek Weekly: An Illuminated Playable Rubik’s Cube Lamp!

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I would not kid about such a seriously awesome thing, folks, the enlarged Rubik’s Cube Lamp is completely playable!


Want your office cube (pun intended) to stand out? Want the workers throughout the building and from across the dusty Manhattan pavement to come to marvel at and try to defeat, much to their chagrin, your mysterious Rubik’s Cube Lamp as it glows ominously in their hands as though it were powered by radioactive materials?

I think you can tell, I do.

Crafted in the year of my birth, 1983, the Rubik’s Cube went on to become one the icons of the very innovative, colorful, and all around weirdness that was the 1980’s.


Have I won, completed, and solved the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in my lifetime? You bet your ass I have. Have I done it in the last decade or so . . . not really . . .

What remains important is that for less than forty bucks on ThinkGeek, this beauty, this treasure of a thirty year old time capsule is available to buy brand spankin’ new, and you can use it as a lamp OR an enlarged game of Rubik’s-ness, or both.

She is USB rechargeable too, so no worries of difficult powering.

At 8″ tall x 7″ wide x 7″ deep in the display stand, the dimensions are big for the Rubik, but why not?

Includes cube, stand, and almost 4 ft. long USB charging cable. Where do I pay? Thinkgeek!

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