Everpurse: Charge Your Phone Whenever, Without Wires

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The whole idea of charging your phone seems an archaic notion. At least to ever think about charging your phone does. No matter how smart our phones get, at some point in the day we’ll inevitably be frantically searching for the closest outlet; and usually its on the ceiling of some dingy lunch time cafe because they don’t want you to use their electricity. Thankfully, Everpurse, which is currently surfing the waves of crowd funding on Kickstarter, offers a brilliant solution: charge your phone in your purse on the go.

Everpurse, which looks like a coin purse and comes in six different styles, can be an accessory on its own or fit in a bigger bag (for the male persuasion I assume who doesn’t want to be seem walking around with a tiny purse). The Everpurse, which is currently patent-pending and ready to manufacture, comes from husband and wife team who sought out to create the perfect purse. The team then joined forces with two Chicago designers to help design their bags and out of the six styles three are leather (which are more expensive) and three are fabric.

For those on the go – and I mean on the go – for the likes of us that work 18 hour days and then have to run off to social events and have no time to charge their phones, Everpurse is the perfect answer to one of modern life’s most frustrating quagmires. Each comes with a charging mat that – when you eventually do come home – you simply lay the Everpurse down on and voila… ready for the next busy day.

Everpurse currently has a only a few more days on Kickstarter and is offering some nice incentives, the lowest being one purse and a charging mat and the highest being something that resembles a private label where a company can have their own technology put into the bag. The purse is currently only compatible with the iPhone 4 through 5 and Samsung S3. Everpurse: all day without wires – sounds pretty good to me.

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