Ease Those Shark Week Withdrawals With Hungry Shark

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Waiting on endless summer lines at the ice cream shop have never been so bloody, or so filling, as they are with the “Hungry Shark Part Three” App being handy.

The third installment in Future Games of London’s hit “Hungry Shark” series offers up a fun way to get out any frustration on the iPhone or Droid. Simply fire up the free “Hungry Shark Part Three” App, and let the tilt-a-phone touchscreen controls guide a great white to chomping onto anything that could resemble food from a shark’s point of view (and this includes people, folks).

The intuitive game controls allow phone tilting to move the vicious-looking shark about in the water, as it scours the floor for scampering crabmeat, or the surface for bikini-clad appetizers. The gameplay takes a little getting used to, and care is needed because the great white can be beached, which will slow down the toothy predator and hurt its health.

The “Hungry Shark Part Three” App’s HD graphics are beautiful. The animated people that haphazardly run away, the vitreous water backgrounds, and the baby white shark that grows into a gargantuan great white, after consuming a steady diet of swimmers and sea creatures, are all impressive to the eye.

The sound effects are excellent and add realism to the mayhem, as the swimmers scream that there is a shark and run away with audible splash sounds. The music emanates the suspenseful creepiness of Jaws.

This installment of the “Hungry Sharks” App features many challenges for the ferocious eater. There is combo eating, for more points, enemy sharks (that will make you swim with the fishes when you starve to death), numerous levels of exciting play, a blood bath, and even dangerous oil slicks to dodge.

Have fun feeding!

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