Earn Cheesy Geek Points with USB Fondue Set

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There are no more enticing methods for attracting another–no more potent mating rituals/dance moves–than fondue.

And my girlfriend will attest to this, as our first double date was successful largely in part to the wonders of melted cheese and chocolate mixes that smacked our lips invigoratingly.

Welcome Fondue’s USB-powered Desktop Fondue Set! For less than thirty bucks anyone can now power up their very own fondue maker from their computer (or any USB terminal).

The kit comes with everything you need to melt ravishing mixes of cheese and chocolate, and it does this as the pot’s heating element glows a frozen blue from bright LED bulbs. There is the pot, the oil-free base with LCD screen (for the controls), the six fondue forks, software, and even a recipe book.

ThinkGeek sells these bad boys, and they even offer up their own office recipe of BBQ goodness to dip the old lunch meeting pizza crusts into.

Dip Pop Tarts and Hot Pockets into your own custom fondue sauciness for an impressive meal at the desk. Coworkers will be furiously jealous, or eagerly friendly in hopes that you will dip some foodstuff for them.

Even the USB cable glows electric blue, and it looks freaking cool (or hot, depending on your point of view). Fondue even claims to have left the device open for the upcoming USB 3.0 technology that could increase the power and allow for desktop frying and oil dipping in the near future. Damn!

And its made in Switzerland (which is a harbinger of love)!

Fondue me? No! Fondue you!

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