DUMB: Sonic Foamer’s Ultrasonic Waves Foam Up Beer

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No, the Beer + Science FTW Sonic Foamer is not some heinous weapon evilly designed to ruin the frothy brews of the masses.

The Sonic Foamer is, by design, supposed to foam up your beer . . . in a good way (so they say).

Beer connoisseurs (do not) take note!

The Sonic Foamer looks like a coffee mug heater that you might keep on the desk, but instead this AA-battery-powered base sends vibrations that produce uniform bubbles creating a great head on your beer.

Plunk down the pint glass filled with carbonated deliciousness and let ultrasonic technology evenly open up the bubbles to form a head . . . of sorts.

It is true that the head of the beer is what holds much of the aroma that will vastly accentuate the flavor of the hops and malty goodness contained within.

It is also true that the Sonic Foamer takes an almost flat brew and blasts a head onto it from the bottom up.

And pouring a beer down the side of the glass can keep the foam at bay until you just about finish your pour and the carbonated cloud of suds sits afloat magically.

The Sonic Foamer claims to ensure the enduring of the head through an artificial carbonation process.

Blast the beer with inaudible sound waves and gaze wonderingly as it bubbles repeatedly.

But wait!

Having watched the device, I find it bubbles a little too much, to my chagrin.

I despise too much foam, however it came to be that way, whether the keg was tipped too much (people have been shot for less), tapped wrong, or the beer bottles were juggled in the air before being opened.

For the $20 dollars  – you can buy a tasty case of craft beer heaven instead of the Sonic Foamer.

Tap the glass with a paint stirrer if you need to relive the first moments of the perfect beer head.

Relegating your beer mug to a battery-powered foaming mess seems a little silly to this grown up beer drinker.

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