Don’t Just Keep Your Coffee Warm, Make it Hot

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Is there anything worse than a tepid cup of coffee? Probably but, how can one be expected to achieve peak performance after a long commute leaves them with lukewarm coffee?


You spend a fortune on the best beans and high end brewing stations only to have your delicious fuel ruined by the soul crushing blight that is rush hour traffic. The best option is probably to find a new job closer to home but, when that’s not an option, the Hot Rod Heated mug will keep your java hot for as long as it takes.

Unlike typical thermos style mugs, this stylish gadget doesn’t just keep your coffee insulated, it actually adds supplemental heat with its 12v cigarette lighter adapter. And with its BBQ grill inspired analog temperature gauge, you can keep any hot liquid right in your wheelhouse.


Much like a retro styled Weber grill, the Hot Rod Mug is available in both glossy black and candy red.

The design and the price are right but, the one glaring omission seems to be a USB option for the office. Could you probably find a suitable wall adapter? Most likely but, based on initial feedback, I’d expect to see a USB option in version 2.0.

If you’re like me and you like to ride that fine line just shy of scorching your taste buds off, the Hot Rod Heated travel mug can be yours for under $25.

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