Charge your Phone with a Cold Beer Or a Hot Coffee

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Talk about green energy – all you have to do is place a frosty green brew down on magic coaster, and the heat disparity causes an energy transfer that is harnessed and sent out of a USB outlet and into your phone.


Now if you are like me and you plug your iPhone in to charge while you are seated at the computer (and thinking about the USB that is nearby) the Epiphany onE Puck will blow your mind into all kinds of reusable, clean energy-type fragments.

I currently sit and use a coaster, like the rest of us. But if this Puck goes through on Kickstarter, then it will save your antique oak desk’s top from drips while simultaneously charging cell phones or iPods via its USB terminal. That is multitasking, now go tell your boss you deserve a raise for saving money on electricity and for doing more than just typing and chewing gum at the same time.

Epiphany Labs has built a working prototype using an age-old Stirling engine model that was dreamed up in the 1800s.

A hot coffee and a cold beer release a tremendous amount of concentrated energy as they change in temperature so, why waste it? Just flip the puck onto the blue side for cold beer stands, and when you want to hit the morning coffee truck, flip the Epiphany onto the red side, and watch your phone battery fill up.

The project is currently 70% funded and one hundred and fifteen dollar Pucks (with a t-shirt and decal) are available to backers who want to make the most of the self-replenishing green beverage power supply.

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  1. Dippy Dippy

    Interesting technology but, how is this practical? When will I happen to have a puck and a drink but not a desk or an outlet? It looks like a neat novelty but the guy in the video makes it sound like its actually useful.


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