Boombot REX Wants to be Your New Favorite Hexagonal Portable Speaker

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The Boombot REX is an interesting, rugged, on-the-go take on the typical sit-there-and-look-pretty Bluetooth speaker.


This little portable 2.1 speaker system, brainchild of a couple of ski loving college buddies, combines 3W dual drivers with a built in woofer, wrapped in a water resistant, high-impact case ready to take some real world abuse.

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand or clipped onto a strap of any kind, this rechargeable wonder can handle riding in the rain, skiing in the snow, or a clumsy drop from up to 2.5m and still crank out jams for 6 hours. But, what’s really cool is that it’s more than just a speaker…

The Boombot REX also features a noise canceling microphone that allows you to answer (or ignore) calls and even talk to Siri when paired with your favorite smartphone. Located on the back of the speaker you will also find handy controls for controlling volume and choosing tracks so your phone (or portable device) never has to leave your pocket.

What’s more, with the built-in line-in/out ports you can daisy chain the Bluetooth signal or direct line-in stereo signal out to additional REX speakers or another audio system.

Interestingly, the idea of the Boombot was born when one of the co-founders hacked the internal speakers out of a cheap toy and slapped them on a walkie talkie clip for his bike ride to work. Shortly after the guys at Boombotix realized that this new toy integrated well with their everyday lifestyle and knew they were onto something.

They shaped, molded, and tested until they created the REX you see today. A speaker perfect for  lounging, gaming, or going hands free in the car while still being tough enough to handle the elements of outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and skateboarding.

Currently a $75 Kickstarter donation will land you a first run production white REX speaker, or you can add another $5 and pick up one in blue, green, or black – not bad for a real life soundtrack.

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