Beta.ey Makes Smart Efficient Solar Generators & Feeds Phones

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In the energy race to bury fossil fuels, the Beta.ey takes an innovative approach to harnessing the power of the sun.


Solar is in and green energy is clean, lean, and mean, but it is far from perfected. And so welcome the U.K. company Rawlemon Solar Devices that has a fully funded Indiegogo campaign for a Beta.ey gadget that is a more efficient type of solar energy and can be miniaturized to feed your hungry phones and devices for cheap!

Now it looks kind of crazy. I am sure you have some doubts (I know I did looking at this wizardly compass-like glass). Can this large orb and lens truly capture the sun’s energy?

Let’s just say that after looking into the Beta.ey, it seems a lot more reliable than the gypsy’s crystal ball, and a great many people have over $184,000 riding on it, they are that confident.


By implementing a rotating ball of lenses and a patented dual axis tracking system, Rawlemon can claim their Beta.ey is the first to successfully use diffuse solar light to produce efficient solar energy in any place and can (with the full-size models) produce over 70% more than conventional Photo-Valtaic (PV) panels.

The Beta.ey technology can even be used as a building skin for complete self-sustainability (if you have ever read good science-fiction (China Mieville), you will recognize this trait and sometimes even living energy producing building skin, but I digress).

These fantastic energy orbs do not need to plug into any existing energy grid, just a storage source like a battery.


For less than $150 you can donate to the Indiegogo and receive a small Beta-ey that will singlehandedly power your iPhone, Android, iPad or other fun piece of tech, or gadget.

Perhaps the cars, ships, and homes of the near future will all adopt some form of the Beta.ey and run themselves!

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