Yellow Jacket iPhone Case Doubles as a Stun Gun & Extra Battery


The Yellow Jacket smartphone case combines practical phone protection with a stun gun’s punch!

The indiegogo project is currently at over twenty-eight grand in funding with just under two weeks to go for this remarkably dangerous defense weapon.

Travel the subway, the shadowy allies, and the seedy neighborhoods with the phone planted firmly on your ear; appear to be oblivious to everything around you. If an assailant comes near, the 650K-volt stun gun is already in your hand, ready to go.

There are some drawbacks to the Yellow Jacket, which is currently available for a one hundred dollar donation (or more).

For instance the Yellow Jacket is shown with an iPhone 4S model and it adds 3/8 of an inch to the stock width to bring the phone’s overall thickness to a whopping one inch (and that’s hardly playing ball with Apple’s minimalism game, folks).

But I repeat: the Yellow Jacket phone case is a powerful stun gun!

If you do not mind an eight-ounce smartphone that stretches your pockets a little (literally and metaphorically), then the Yellow Jacket can certainly provide for an extra safety measure for yourself and the phone.

And it appears as though they have thought this concept through: While creating this product, we realized that this would be a device people would place next to their face. Yellow Jacket features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap, both intended to prevent accidental discharge.

If you think the Yellow Jacket was crafted by a paranoid individual, think again: The Yellow Jacket was created by a man who was attacked in his home. While he had firearms and a Tazer nearby, none of these items were within his grasp, which is what made him think about weaponizing his phone.

And since the stun gun mechanism uses a lot of power, much of the bulk is made up of battery, which thankfully Yellow Jacket has allowed to bolster an iPhone’s standby battery life by twenty hours, which is pretty darn good.

Watch out for this stunner, she stings!

[Product via Red Ferret]

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  1. jimmy dickerson

    will there be ay made for Samsung or droid.i’d donate $ 3 phones.


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