Welcome the iPhone 5 AT LAST! Here are Five Reasons to Upgrade

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The iPhone 5 might be the last project Steve Jobs worked on, and though we have been hankering for this slim and sexy smartphone since the release of Siri’s keeper, the iPhone 4S, the 5 does not disappoint.

Whether or not you want to go out and spend an inordinate amount of money on the newest iPhone (iPhone 6 coming in the fall of 2012 anyone?) is another matter, as there are significant, albeit subtle, breakthroughs that Apple has made with its newest in the iPhone line.

Personally, and you know me folks, I LOVE Apple products! I resisted getting an iPod up until four or five years ago when I got my first MacBook Pro, and I have been hooked ever since, because aside from the sheer sexiness and durability of Apple’s products, they tend to work better than just about everyone else’s with less hassle and more bells and whistles.

Queue up the iPhone 5; now I just bought an iPhone 4S when it was released a year ago, and I adore my Siri for her handless texting prowess and the speedier 4G Internet connectivity. Does the iPhone 5 make the huge jumps in programming, features, and awesomeness that the iPhone 4S did?

In short, I have five reasons why you should upgrade to the iPhone 5 and hock that 4S model or sell it on eBay.

1. The screen is not just half an inch bigger, but its gorgeous! Despite being smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 4S screen’s retina display held its own, and now the 4 inch screen of the 5 is even better, as it sports an eye-friendly 16:9 ratio (like your widescreen movies,), less glare and more graphic POWER!

2. Many of the iPhone 5’s breakout features are under the hood so to speak, and the 18% thinner device runs off an A6 that is 22 percent smaller than the previous A5, featured in the iPhone 4S, but is twice as fast and doubles the graphics performance of its predecessor.

3. Apple has finally adopted 4G LTE to power its Internet abilities and the wireless is now stunningly quick with 802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, matching what you’re probably running the laptop on at home

4. Considering the device grew up, but greatly slimmed down physically, I was curious how the battery could hold up in that small a space, and Apple is boasting 8 hours of talk time with 225 hours of standby life for the iPhone 5 (I mean . . . damn)!

5. Lastly, the king of camera phones has a new ruler, as an 8-megapixel sensor and 3,264 x 2,448 resolution better the already pristine iSight along with backside illumination, a five-element lens, better low-light performance, and the ability to take panoramic shots or shoot 1080P video.

Did Apple rewrite the book here and surprise everyone? No, but did they really have to? They have already reinvented the wheel, and now they have greatly improved upon it again!

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