Waste Not! G-Kup is 100% Compostable Coffee Pod

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In an unprecedented Eureka moment, a Vancouver company has seen fit to solve the single serve coffee waste problem with a 100% compostable coffee pod called the G-Kup.


Why do we need to use cups that are fully biodegradable for our Keurig coffee makers?

Well did you know that throwing away billions of plastic k-cups is bad for the environment (not to mention billions of plastic water bottles that are already banned in certain states and countries for their horrid, lingering waste)?

Go figure!

My tongue in cheek tone is blatant, and for good reason, as a Mother Jones report said the number of K-Cups produced in 2013 was enough to wrap around the planet 10.5 times.

And no, plastic does not biodegrade.

Some plastic, including some K-Cups, can be recycled and reshaped, shrunk and reused in other formats, but never broken down 100% like the G-Kup.


These little guys will hit the market in early 2016, and their innovative use of readily renewable materials are offset by a comprehensive design to maintain the taste and integrity of the coffee.

Simply put, G-Kups are made with the great flavor of the sensuous brew in mind, so the steaming draught comes first, and it just so happens that the vessel holds the coffee and then will literally break down within a month and provide for good compost for those who garden!

CEO, Darren Footz got a little heated when he came up with the idea for G-Kups: “Simply put, I want to change the way the world consumes single serve coffee. The current waste created by K-Cups is unacceptable.”

Can I get a hell yeah to that?!

All I can add is that I have abandoned the K-Cups years ago for the reusable Keurig Coffee Filter Set that includes a plastic holder and a screen where you place your own freshly ground deliciousness inside and it makes for supreme coffee, while being only an infinitesimally small amount of more effort than dropping in a K-Cup.

For a five dollar investment you can take any ground bean you love and pour your own single serve cups without the K-Cup garbage.

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