ThermaCELL Lantern Repels Mosquitoes


The geniuses over at ThermaCELL have come up with an amazing device that lights the way (pun intended here, people) toward a fun outdoor experience:  the Mosquito Repelling Outdoor Lantern scares away the bugs!

This incredibly small and light lantern’s base fits in the palm of the hand, yet provides enormously bright LED-powered light while it deters insects for a 15 x 15 foot radius.

Does it work?  Well, yes it does!

This lantern is small, gives off a good amount of light on my deck but is not overbearing and is the best thing that I have ever witnessed for getting rid of the vampire-sickly mosquitoes and their friends.

I spend a great deal of time outside, especially in the summer months, and because I live on an island there are myriad armies of bugs constantly trying to harass or worse (drink blood).

Off, Tiki torches and fires might slow the onslaught, but the ThermaCELL lantern is the only truly effective means to keep away the bad guys.  The company even boasts that the Outdoor Lantern keeps at least ninety-eight percent of the awful mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums (which I have no idea what those are) at bay.

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repelling Outdoor Lantern has even been used by the US Army to drive away the nightmare-ish flesh-eating (or at least annoying) desert bugs.

The Outdoor Lantern has a European inspired design that resembles the old oil lanterns with a hunter-green casing and handle.  The frosted-globe walls give off a pleasant light, while the repellant mats provide for hours of outdoor partying whether you’re on a deck, a boat or camping.

This little gadget works by mixing a tiny butane cartridge (that is included) with a repellant mat (also included) that fits snugly on the top of the lantern.  AA Batteries allow for the LED lights to brighten up the night, but the repellant function does not require them to be in there.

Once the butane is in place, the Outdoor Lantern is set to give off an invisible bug deterrent that lasts for twelve hours (per cartridge)!

These Outdoor Lanterns from ThermaCELL can be found at, Bass Pro Shops and in most outdoor equipment stores for anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks, and believe me it is worth every penny!

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2 Responses to “ThermaCELL Lantern Repels Mosquitoes”

  1. Linda Delcamp

    Does this lantern repel mosquitos during the day or can you only use it at night? I would like to find something to keep them away during the daylight hours.

    • R.J. Huneke

      It does keep them away during daytime hours. The LED light does not even have to be on, only the butane part.


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