The Seven-Year Pen Lasts!

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Imagine my surprise when I sifted through an “all green” shop and found The Seven Year Pen.  The pen’s name speaks for itself:  it lasts for seven years!

Now it is true that the sleek and fun designs caught my eye, and my writer’s heart leaped at the sight of one pen in particular, the shiny black and silver surface donning three white skull and cross-bones and there in bold print the words:  NEED COFFEE.

The sexy look, the innovative presentation sets The Seven Year Pen apart in and of it’s own right.  But then I read about the pen’s purpose.

The Seven Year Pen is made by the Swiss and offered by a Brooklyn based company called Seltzer Goods who sell recycled and environmentally friendly products.

The overall achievement of these eco-friendly pens is truly one to be amazed by.  The Seven Year Pen boasts an extra large ink cartridge, a long-life tip and smooth black ink.

The company states that worldwide 100 million pens are thrown away every day, but The Seven Year Pen is able to write 1.7 meters a day for seven years before running out of ink.  Wow!

Now aside from the gorgeous looks to the thirteen different pen designs, there was one thing remaining for me to do in the shop.  I had to try the pen to see how it wrote.  No writer or pen connoisseur can use a pen that does not write to their every nuance and pleasure.

I am happy to report The Seven Year Pen is not gel ink, but writes very smoothly and beautifully (almost as if it were a gel pen).  At just over seven bucks, The Seven Year Pen can be the last writing implement you buy for a lucky stretch of time.

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