The Keyboard comes to the iPhone

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The Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPhone brings the keys to Apple’s touchscreen only display.

Let the gargantuan thumbed and the clumsy text message patrons rejoice!

Often times, the email workload grows beyond a bearable capacity and the only solution is to cut down some of that e-forest through the use of the smartphone on the go. Reading the messages, however, is infinitely easier to do than to respond to them. Short responses might not require much in the way of punctuation or backspacing, but the longer ones absolutely need it.

Welcome the Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPhone. The iPhone 4 and 4S fits snugly into the hard shell case, which is open on the screen and does not block any of the ports or the camera. The Bluetooth ties the full keyboard that is attached to the back of the case to the iOS device, and the sleek keys slide out like the great smart phones of yesteryear.

This case is on sale for just thirty bucks (which is often the minimum in quality case pricing).

Keep the most desirable touchscreen smartphone on the planet, the iPhone, along with the ability to madly pound out letters, sentences, and pages of digital content for emailing, text messaging, Facebook posting, Twitter tweeting, LinkedIn updating, Tumblr tumbling, and anything else that might strike your technologically electronic pallet.

The Bluetooth link ensures a strong and instantaneous connection the keys, and it is very easy to set up. Keep the Apps and the iPhone, and just add the superpower of typing on a keyboard.

Simply put: this case rocks.

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