iPod Maker’s Thinking Thermostat puts Nest back in the Home

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Energy is something that everyone has to struggle to think about daily, because of wasted fuel and high costs, but what if it did not have to be that way? What if the heating and cooling brain in the consumer’s living space, the thermostat, could program itself?

Welcome warmly, or coolly depending on the weather, the Nest Lab’s newest creation:  the Nest!

The new company from Tony Fadell, the designer for eighteen iPods at Apple, launches the sexy wall item, the Nest Learning Thermostat, in November for $249.

The Nest, for all intensive purposes, thinks about how the user likes their temperature. All that is required is for the energy-minded to continue to turn the thermostat up and down according to when they leave the home, or go to sleep, or the seething summer heat requires A/C, or the frigid pre-November snow asks for more warmth ASAP.

As the consumer manually sets the Nest thermostat, like they normally do (we are not talking about the complicated and convoluted programming that nobody spends the time doing), the Nest remembers, reasons and then begins to program the thermostat’s temperature for you.

It learns.

In fact, Fadell believes the Nest learns so thoroughly that he says users will save up to 30% off of their utility bills when Nesting.

And let us not forget the minimalistic and gorgeous body of the Nest. Fadell, the iPod designer, knows how to carve out a sexy piece of tech, and the Nest is a prime example. The round face is black bordered and inside is either digitally blue or orange, depending on a rising or lowering of the temperature.

How hard is it to operate? Well, just twist the Nest left or right to plus or minus degrees, like you would any other traditional thermostat.

The Nest is money saving sexiness!

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