iPhone Gaming Levels Up with iCade Mobile

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ION, makers of the popular iPad gaming cabinet iCade are creating gaming magic again and this time they’re bringing it to the iPhone with the new iCade Mobile.

Like its big brother, the iCade Mobile puts real console controls in the hands of game lovers but, unlike its desktop bound predecessor, the pocket sized PSP-like device is small enough to take on the go.

When it comes to flinging an Angry Bird across the screen the iPhone makes perfect sense but, when it comes to playing the classics or running, racing, fighting, and shooting, every serious gamer knows you need a four way pad and buttons ready to take a beating.

In addition to providing a perfectly compact landscape mode, the iCade Mobile also gives you the ability to conveniently swivel and lock your iPhone (or touch) into a portrait format perfect for Tetris-like games.

The new Mobile iCade works with over 100 games including Atari’s greatest hits and with new game studios getting on board its no surprise we now see App Store favorites like Temple Run being added to the list.

You can pick one up today for just $69.99 and the guys at ION will even throw in the required two AA batteries – what a bargain!

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