PONG for FREE with ATARI App!

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Take the classic Atari 2600 and arcade games and shrink them down to the iPhone’s touchscreen perfectly. And “PONG” is free!

The Atari arcade machines that transformed the video game industry into a popular culture/slash/entertainment force and the first truly successful home cartridge-based console video game system, the Atari 2600, are now emulated with precision and beautiful accuracy on the iPhone.

Atari had revolutionized video gaming in the seventies and eighties, and now they’ve provided everyone on the go with 18 of their exemplary arcade games, including “Centipede” and other addictive classics in a mobile “Atari” App.  They even include screen shots of the gorgeous cabinets of the legendary games as if they were in an extinct arcade; “PONG” is shown with its sexy dark-wood panels and bright 1970’s yellow face with the sleekest and simplest of shining metal dial controls below.

Before I elaborate in further detail, know this retro-gamers:  the “Atari” App is FREE!  Download it at iTunes here.

I know I’d like to blast enemies with “Tank” whenever I’m trying not to listen in on a meeting.  This App has 92 potential Atari 2600 games available, with their original box art, and there is Bluetooth Multiplayer for head to head, mono-e-mono, iPhone-e-iPhone battles in “Warlords” and “Pong”!

“Pong” comes free with the “Atari” App too, and the game is very accurate to the original tennis showdown with only a touchscreen set of arrows implemented to replace the dials that the iPhone is lacking.

There is even a two-player mode that lets gamers each take a side of the touchscreen and move the virtual paddles; since only a thumb is required to control them, it is actually feasible to have two people share one iPhone to play ball.

There are currently 25 separate Game Packs that are available at the meager price of 99 cents apiece, or there is a discounted price on the entire gargantuan list of games for $14.99.  Travel and replace the boring in-flight movie with for a fun plane ride back to the seventies!

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