iCade Takes iPad Gaming to the Next Level

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If you took advantage of Apple’s Black Friday event to pick up the perfect gift or snag an iPad yourself, your only logical next move is to jump all over Cyber Monday and pick up the iCade, arcade cabinet at 40% off.

The iCade brings old school arcade controls and your favorite retro games right to the iPad with the power of bluetooth, all while making the décor of any room or office orders of magnitude awesomer.

Backed by Atari’s greatest hits, gamers will have access to over 100 classic games including hits like, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Tempest, and more. What’s even more exciting is that recent popularity of iCade has prompted 25 other iOS developers to support the desktop gaming system so, there will be more titles to follow.

The iCade is the ideal accessory for any iPad owner, and at today’s price of $59, it’s a great gift on the cheap.

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