Geek Weekly: Run In With R2-D2 Infrared-Projecting Keyboard

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Don’t get me wrong, having any R2-D2 that projects an image is freakin’ cool, and one that puts out an infrared keyboard for Star Wars buffs to type with is even better.


But come on, Runatown, $330? REALLY? Screw that. This R2 is too damn expensive for far too little.

Try not to misunderstand fellow Jedi Alliance members, I LOVE this badass little droid.

I want one in the worst way to role out on desks across the world.

Picture the meeting place, the fifteen foot Redwood conference table, the attorneys playing with their ties, and you can light up the surface and start beaming the keys where you can type out George Lucas’s poignant words, “This is our most desperate hour. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.”

I mean: WOW! Tell me that is not one of the most impressive feats in the history of nerdom.

Sadly, this miniature R2-D2 can only project the keyboard. Despite this portable tech and that of Pico projectors being around for years, no one else, including the merchandise mastermind Lucas or Disney have set up a droid equipped to project what’s on your tablet screen, or your iPhone’s.

How difficult could it be to add in to the projector’s works additional abilities to project different things? I mean the fucking thing already throws and reads the infrared and interprets a user’s keystrokes. How hard could it be?

This should be short work for integral cogs in the Rebel Alliance.


The technological breakthrough of portable keyboards and then projected keyboards – for students, travelers, and board room slaves to use so they can type with ease while computing on iPads, smartphones, and miniature tablets of all shapes and sizes – came in 2012.

We are talking two years, folks, which in gadget years is like two hundred.

I reported on how the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard was WAY too much money at the $160+ mark, and that Cosmic Cube is dirt cheap in comparison to our little R2 unit.

I say F.U. to this R2-D2 Infrared-Projecting Keyboard and hope better things are coming to an X-wing fighter near you soon.

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