Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard for iPhones & iPads

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The business world quivers with excitement at the mere thought of a tablet or smartphone being able to wield this Magic Cube virtual keyboard anywhere. Plus the Celluon Magic Cube is tiny!

Countless times the train awaits but the job’s emergency endeavors and work does not. As the commute to the big city leaches an hour of quality time on the rails, the iPhone in hand is just a pain in the ass to do the writing, posting, and emailing that involves heavy typing.

Your laptop would help you, except it sits at home on the desk, or abandoned in the car, because the hiking through the city and the last minute run to catch the train eliminated the notion of bringing some more pounds that stretch the seams of your briefcase.

Personally, this has all been happening to me a lot lately, and I wish I had heard of the Cosmic – no wait – Magic Cube before.

Celluon’s cutting-edge keyboarding takes a tiny cube – the size of my magnetic paperclip holder on my desk, and uses it to project an Infrared full-sized QWERTY keyboard onto any relatively flat and opaque surface.

I know what you are thinking: the train and the plane cannot work with this. Well, you are wrong, because an object as sturdy as a beat-up cracking paper folder or magazine from that dilapidated briefcase will allow for the keys to project and fly at 350 characters per minute.

Use the iPad, Android, iPhone, or near any smart device with Bluetooth.

The remarkable Magic Cube is expensive at one hundred and sixty four dollars on Amazon, but for a portable workstation this bad boy’s value might just be priceless.

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