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There are some things that cannot be overlooked, because they are invaluable.  Happiness is one of these things; “Dilbert” is another.  And “Dilbert”, yes “Dilbert”, provides such joy.  No matter the individual’s background, tie selection, or current workplace, everyone in the money-entranced world that is can relate to “Dilbert”.

The all time hilarity of the “Dilbert” cartoon can now be viewed on the go, in the cubicle or out of it.  The Official “Dilbert” App is available wherever human bipeds can press onto some kind of keyboard-like device.

As I sat at my desk and began to put off many important endeavors, it occurred to me that I was already an apt pupil of the “Dilbert” cartoon series.  What better way to procrastinate (like my hero Dilbert) then to blow off my tedious reading of Middle English (hell on earth, folks) by perusing, via my thumb, the innumerable instances of the office character Dilbert’s life?  Let’s laugh at his equally dismal misfortune.

This amazing App is free on Dilbert.com (though it does contain advertising banners) and gives the daily “Dilbert” cartoon, as well as an optional “Random Dilbert” that chooses one for you from the entire archive of tie-twisting goodness.  Get your Droids, iPhones and whatever tablets you have (that you are not eating for vitamin C), and download one of the wittiest short cartoons to ever strike hope into the office secretary’s heart.

My future son will now be ensured ample time and wisdom to battle the business world, politics and the world of women, because “Dilbert” (which has provided me with more advice on relationships than my parents, such as the August 22, 2001 strip’s girlfriend stating that she “made a list of all the ways you need to improve in order to keep dating me”) is here!

Who has a boss that is more evil than Dilbert’s?  Yea, I know that you do, but you have to keep up with the “Dilbert” boss in order to see just exactly how your boss is worse…far worse.

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