Smartphone Powered Lego Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in Record Setting 3.253 Seconds [VIDEO]

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When it comes to geeky childhood nostalgia, Legos and a Rubik’s cube will always put a smile on your face. If you’re of the age that an iPad is your childhood nostalgia, this smartphone powered, Rubik’s cube solving, Lego robot will blow you away.


Today, at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, Cubestormer 3 became the fastest thing to ever solve a Rubik’s cube, in a mind boggling 3.253 seconds. That is faster than any human or robot in the history of ever.

The previous robot record was held by its predecessor Cubestormer 2 which solved the puzzle in 5.27 seconds, while the best any human could do was a leisurely 5.55 seconds back in 2013.

We should note that this isn’t your typical off the shelf smartphone. This Samsung Galaxy was on the juice — featuring an octa-core processor to control the eight Lego Mindstorm actuators at a literal blurring speed.

This robot might be smart and fast but, I for one take solace in knowing that its threat could be neutralized with one smooth swing from a Louisville Slugger – until I inevitably step on one of those tiny little foot mangling Lego pieces in the machine’s final act of revenge.

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