Mousr: An Intelligent Robot For Your Cat To Hunt

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Kickstarter has launched another must have product in the semi-autonomous Mousr robot that mimics a mouse’s reaction to invoke the hunt in your cats.


Meeeeow, that is heaven (for a kitty)!

Wow, it looks like engineers have been watching Speedy Gonzalez and improving upon the windup mouse diversion.

Mousr is the first robotic cat toy that can see and react to a cat’s movements just like real prey . . . think Pinky with a brain.

This is pure genius.


If you are a cat owner, then the automated reactive cat toy option can be a relief, especially if your demanding kitten is like mine and is constantly destroying the apartment in tumultuous whirlwinds, like the Tasmanian Devil.

But if you want to have real fun, queue the devilish music and the Muhahaha laughter, bring up the Mousr App on your smartphone and then take over control of the mouse-like robot as it spins and flies from the face of danger in your twenty-plus pound Cosmo kitty.

This bad boy is full of options too. Change the tail to taunt your beloved Khaleesi with a fluffier version, change the eye color, and invoke the hidden speaker to squeak and get their attention.

With the addition of the Mousr’s 360-degree vision system, Petronics opened the door to making Mousr a full-on artificially intelligent mouse bot.


Read up on the company’s credentials:

[With the] team’s 14 years of combined graduate level experience in digital signal processing, non-stationary signal analysis, adaptive filters, biologically inspired signal processing, low-power systems, and 3D audio localization [we are] the best team for giving Mousr the intelligence he needs to truly challenge your cat.

And this thing alleviates four major bad behaviors typical in cats not getting outside to resume the instinctual hunt (see the diagram).

Currently funded at $114,700, there are plenty of discounted Mousrs still available on the Petronics Kickstarter page for a cool $140, so get in while the robotic prey getting is good (13 hours left, folks)!

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