Moga Controllers Charge Phones & Tablets While Beaming Games To the TV

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For those who are addicted to Candy Crush, Tetris, or Angry Birds, game up without the battery dying on you anytime soon, or the tiny screen striking you blind, because Moga’s newest Pro controller is your Hero.


Forget the puns, who would not want to carry around an adept, ergonomically superior Moga game controller to charge the phone?

Charge and play, play and charge.

Gaming Trend’s “Best New Hardware Winner E3” went to two of the best and brightest phone and tablet game controllers of Moga, the Hero and the Pro, that take advantage of the Android platform’s array of games while charging the devices and sending video to the TV.

Want to view the brains exploding in greater detail while traversing the undead territories in Dead Trigger 2? Then why not beam the imagery wirelessly to your tablet?

Suffer from delusions of grandeur? This bad boy (or girl) will beam the video to your TV too!

Blow up a biter here, there, and everywhere, just beware of undead chunks as Moga zeroes in on that ultra realistic gameplay.


The Moga Hero Power retails around sixty bucks (US), has eight buttons, a sturdy D-pad and dual clickable analog sticks. It’s heavy-duty rechargeable 1800mAh battery gives it enough strength to send juice on up to the phone you game with.

The Hero controller is slim, like a Sega Genesis gamepad of yore or the original MOGA, so that it can fit in your pants pocket (or dare I say it, work-shirt pocket at the office) and can support multiplayer functionality.


The Moga Pro Power controller ups the battery capacity with a 2200 mAh and is built out, similarly to a PlayStation gamepad. To most gamers this is the one that feels juuuuust right in the hand, and there is seamless support for the 120 plus Moga Enhanced and HID-compatible games in the Google Play store.

Those who are too lazy to get up from the couch to grab their home console’s game controllers and turn on the system are sure to line up online to buy every one of Moga’s newest line of gamepads.

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