Hands On: MOGA Gaming Controller ROCKS Android Phone & Tablet

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The MOGA Game Controller latches onto your Android-based smartphone or tablet and turns it into a portable gaming console.

Thanks to Bluetooth seamless connections are possible in the electronics world and with it the adept MOGA controller can tap into your Droid in less than a minute.

Simply download the “MOGA Pivot” App, turn on the controller, and sync the devices with an easy as they come device scan – and that’s it; you’re hooked up!

Launch a classic arcade hit, like Sonic CD (offer for the game is included), and use the high precision controls of the MOGA to make Sonic jump past the evil Dr. Robotnik and catch innumerable golden coins while speeding on the way.

For tablets the MOGA Game Controller is a wireless handheld controller capable of dishing out lightning quick moves and responsive fire in Duke Nukem, and it had plenty of non-slip grip and well placed buttons – think about a shrunken, but well-balanced, X-Box 360 Controller.

But for the cell phone, any Droid can literally become cradled by the MOGA as it opens up and becomes a holder that sets up an angled screen that is very similar in set-up to the widely popular Nintendo DS.

So far this MOGA controller features one Left and one Right button up top, a start and select button, an ON button, two joysticks, and X, Y, B, A buttons that react very well with games that are fast (like Sonic)! For the classic 2D side-scrollers and fighting games, a gamepad would have been nice to have to further control, but that is just the gamer in me nitpicking.

At fifty bucks, if you do not own a portable gaming device, then the MOGA is a steal and a must-have portable gaming controller that makes the most of what you already have.

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