Hands-free Eating with the Popinator Cannon


Say the word “Pop” and open up, as the Popinator uses sensitive audio receivers to discern the source of the sound and then catapults a kernel of popcorn toward the mouth!


While modern mechanics and their uses continue to expand, it is this type of innovative thinking that fast-forward’s us into a new age.

Personally, I cannot throw a piece of popcorn anywhere near someone’s parted lips, so this Popinator from Popcorn Indiana is already an upgrade on my inadequate twenty-first century feeding skills.

The Popinator was invented to impress the snack maker’s clientele and help out the employees in-house with a hands-free option to working and eating popcorn simultaneously. And boy did they achieve their goals!

This glorious roboto uses a binaural microphone system – similar to the way humans hear – to detect when the word “pop” is spoken and then the little guy pinpoints the sound’s source, raises its cannon, and chucks up a piece of popcorn in the air for the targeted foodie to catch with their salivating mouth.

And this little Popinator is surprisingly (and impressively) accurate in its popcorn catapulting abilities (and sadly beats me every time).

As of right now, the best spy techs, James Bond emulators, and Tom Cruise-look-alikes (anyone still a fan of Mission Impossible?) are vigorously undergoing the nation’s most covert security breach: getting into Popcorn Inidiana’s headquarters, getting fed flying popcorn from a bot-like cube, and then out the door with one of these Not-for-sale units intact.

Cheers, and here’s to hoping the Popinator hits the open market before the spies’ black market. I’ve got video games on the horizon and need my feeding machine!

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  1. Steak posses both health and cleaning issues. I’ll wait for jack links to create a jerky slinger. Growl like a Sasquatch and a tasty nugget flies across the room.


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