Geek Weekly: A Life-Size R2-D2 Fridge That Delivers

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Rarely has Geek Weekly ever seen a more amazing and legendary pinnacle of geekdom as the life-size, remote controlled, R2-D2 Fridge!


Our favorite droid from Star Wars is ready to bring you drinks.

This full size R2 unit has all the sounds and detailed architecture that we have come to love.

I am talking about beeps, bursts of emotional wurooo’s and swirlies, and blinking neon blue lights.

The R2-D2 Fridge is fully under the owner’s command (no restraining bolts required) via remote control and with a recharge, just like in the movies, to keep it wireless and free as R2 repairs and locks down your X-wing’s stabilizer as you fly into the Death Star’s trenches for heavy maneuvering.

Enough said.

I could stop right there but I refuse to cease marveling at the newest promotional robot to hit the streets and our homes.

I could buy this right now (whatever the exorbitant cost) and return the new fridge I just bought to make way for my own head rotating, sassy R2-D2.

Fans of the space opera protagonist will have to wait a little longer but the production is commencing, though there is no telling what fortune Star Wars inventors will be charging for this little R2 unit.

But the R2-D2 Fridge is truly the most helpful of utility droids, because the working fridge not only houses a twelve pack, but can follow the owner around the house to deliver the cold, tasty beverages whenever desired.

Maybe some slightly beat up units that have “seen a lot of action” will get kidnapped by Jawa’s allowing for the purchasing of R2 wholesale (after another R unit’s motivator goes bad and C-3PO finds the spine to speak up) to help tend to the moisture ‘vaporators.


Members of the Sith beware!

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