Hexy – Open Source Hexapod Robot on the Cheap

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It is a joyous day for all who dream of having their very own programmable six legged robot. Introducing Hexy, all the hexapody goodness at 1/10th the price of typical hexapod robotic kits.


The brainchild of ArcBotics, Hexy was created with the dream of creating cheap, modifiable, and expandable robots that anyone can build – think modular Ikea furniture.

Everything you need, including the screwdriver, comes in the kit which includes ultrasonic distance sensor eyes, laser-cut pieces, screws & nuts, 20 servos, arduino-based Servotor32 as well as all the assembly instructions and source material on a thumb drive.

Hexy can be programmed from scratch to do what you want with simple text files and easy commands like “rotate left 20 deg.” For those looking for the simple way out, the kit also comes with pre-built code and demos to get you up in running in minutes.

The Hexy project is currently fully funded on Kickstarter and although there are cheaper ways to contribute, the packages which include all of the parts you’ll need to create your very own Hexy start at $175 with fully assembled robots setting you back $400.

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