Gaming on the Phone: JOYSTICK-IT

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Finally, an affordable joystick has surfaced that can easily transform iPhone and Androids into arcade machines.


For less than thirteen bucks, the JOYSTICK-IT can easily stick to any capacitive touchscreen and make the do-it-all smart phones true gamer gamuts.

The JOYSTICK-IT is aluminum, so it is sturdy and actually has weight that is felt in the hand (just like a real arcade machine joystick would, folks! I know they’re damn near extinct but they have been so much fun).

How does this ingenious gaming accessory (or necessity depending on how you like to play) work? Simply take the JOYSTICK-IT in the hand and place it right onto the virtual control pad on the touchscreen. Then press down. You are ready!

Any on-screen control pad will work with the JOYSTICK-IT.

I happen to love “Ms. Pac-Man.” She is one of the sexiest and trickiest of arcade games, and her ghost eating abilities make for tastefully difficult experiences. Acquiring the game for the iPhone was a no-brainer.

But there is one problem with my officially badass copy of “Ms. Pac-Man” . . . the touchscreen offers two ways to control the game:  either via swiping on the screen or by pressing my thumb onto a virtual pad, and both are a bit clumsier and slower than the actual machine’s joystick would have been.

Set down the JOYSTICK-IT, and the pellet engulfing bow-bearing woman devours points in an adept, accurate, and awesome timeliness.

There are not even any batteries (or power source) needed to kick major gaming butt.

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