Fliz Bike Powered by Awkward Walking?

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The world turns heavily with the weight of undiscovered cures for cancer, nuclear waste, and garbage, but humanity can rest easier at night because the Fliz Bike has been invented to speed urbanites along walking awkwardly.

Question: can you call it a bike when there are no pedals?

The Fliz Bike concept is still called a “bike” yet there are no pedals to speak of on this banana yellow cross between a rollercoaster’s safety harness, a slouching spine, and two bicycle wheels.

I will not call this a bike (sorry, folks, I am a purist).

The Fliz is meant to be part hand stand and part glider, with the trick being that you must speed-walk or run to get up enough speed to hold yourself against the carbon fiber frame and roll on the wheels in city sidewalk traffic.

A lot of thought has gone into this apparently (see the concept pic below).

The harness and frame merge the body to the comfortable Fliz, so that standing is possible, but only if users can slouch through the process.

The Fliz has emerged from the cumbersome antique bicycle to replace it with something that will make it impossible to leap from the Fliz, like you would a bike, to avoid crashing into urban landmines (such as umbrella wielding businesswomen or cabs).

Unless the Fliz designers incorporate a quick eject button, there could be a great many banged up yellow bike frames and equally banged up attached bodies (or fools).

I guess skateboards, bikes, and shoes come across as uninteresting, impractical, and far too difficult to use in the urban quagmires that control the world.

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  1. And what happens when you get to a hill? I’d give a hundo to anyone who could get that thing up a steep hill without looking like they belong in a short bus.


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