You Can’t Quiet the Ritot: the First Projection Watch

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Strap in folks, as the Ritot claims to offer the first smart watch that relies on projection, rather than a screen.


Let it trample your hand with: INCOMING TEXT!

The current smart watches on the market require the tedious task of looking at a screen. And the so-called smart watch still need to be tethered to your smartphone, so how smart is it really?

Well forget that! The Ritot takes your phone’s information and splashes it onto your wrist and hand in any of twenty different colors.

Now whether or not the trend of smart watches will be transformed by the iWatch is anyone’s guess, but I would not be the least bit surprised to see Apple swallow up this company’s portfolio, patents and all, in order to sport a little holographic goodness onto its wearers’ arms.

For techies and trendies, I fear the Ritot watch will be too hard to resist.

The Ritot App gives near unlimited power to the wearer, sorry Gandalf, as it includes vibrating messages and alerts and will allow you to dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist.


What does the raucously visual and riotous watch handle? We are talking about Incoming Caller ID, Text messages, Reminders for meetings, Emails, Calendar Alerts, Facebook Messages (I need this like I need a hole in the head), Twitter, Weather Alerts, Silent vibrating alarm and timer, Notifications for other Apps.


And put all of the information and beam it in light onto your skin; they do claim: “Ritot is absolutely safe for your skin and health . . .”

For those of us technophiles that find the smartphone does not have enough to offer us to stay connected – it does go in our pocket after all, folks – the Ritot is here to bring the fun to our eyes and our wrists in splashy color.



The Ritot is well over a million dollars (queue Dr. Evil) more than the Indiegogo campaign’s modest funding goal of $50K, and for just shy of two hundred smackaroos (American) you can acquire one of the first in what is sure to be a wave of smart watches.

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