YOLO: The Snolo Stealth X is Cooler Than Your Snowboard

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Skiing and snowboarding probably top the list of cool competitive snow sports, but sledding, mostly practiced by snotty kids on a mound of two week old powder on a trashcan lid, is somewhere on the bottom of that list. Unfortunately, for extreme sledders the options are slim and the sport is still very niche. Trust me, when you’re done reading this article google “extreme sledding” and then google “extreme skiing.” You decide what looks more fun. You’d probably find most of these extreme sledders hunched over their hot chocolate at the lodge trying not to make eye contact. But the Snolo “Stealth X” – which is a little like the Maserati of sleds –might change all that.


Made of a sleek, lightweight carbon fiber, the Snolo “Stealth X” was invented by retired probation officer and New Zealander Sean Boyd. Boyd, self admittedly inept at snowboarding and skiing, combined his automotive, plastics and metal industries background and love of design to make a sled that wasn’t completely embarrassing to ride down the slopes.

Boyd, who also makes ray guns out of junk on the side, spent 5 years designing and refining prototype sleds fueled by an unbridled optimism and a determination to “pursue [his] dream of spreading the thrills and excitement of adult sledding and extreme sledding to others around the world.” Hell, everyone called Larry Stevenson, inventor of the professional skateboard and “kicktale,” crazy.

The Stealth-X was definitely built with a racecar in mind: low reclined foam padded seating, the ability to steer, and speeds can reach over 40 miles an hour. With the ability to ride hard compact and soft powdered snow, the sled is made of three parts: the shell, the front ski and the front arm. The best part is all three parts can be broken down and worn as a backpack, which makes the sled perfect for exploring and traversing.

The Stealth-X is also extremely pretty, with contours and lines that again recall a sports car or perhaps a speedboat. You can pick one of these sleds up on the Snolo website for around 3 grand. Happy sledding!

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